Our R&D department works on the basis of improving existing products and developing new products according to the needs of the sector. It has a structure that can offer the innovations needed by the sector to the service of its customers rapidly by following the technological developments. As one of the most modern and equipped laboratories in its sector, Çinikop laboratories meet the laboratory needs of regional companies as well as the control of our own products. Çinikop laboratories are divided into two units as Chemical and Physical analysis departments.

Laboratory Services

-Chemical Analysis (XRF)

- Particle Size Distribution (Laser)

-Casting Ability and Firing Tests

-Thermal Shock (Harkort) Test

-Plasticity and Condensation Water Test

-Prescription Preparing


-Sieve Analysis

-Color Determination

-Water Absorption Test

-Coarse Crushing/Fine Crushing

-Determination of Density, Viscosity, Thixotropy

-Specific Gravity Measurement

-Carbonate Qualitative Analysis

-Cooking Test (Pressing Disc)

-Moisture Determination

-Luminance Measurement

-Film Density Measurement